Carpet cleaning and pest control in Oxenford should be regularly conducted to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all your family members.

Xtra Mile Carpet & Pest Management helps your family minimise these difficult tasks by completing a house-wide clean and pest control. We respect your household in Oxenford and will always complete our work to the highest quality of standards. We pride ourselves in the way we offer our carpet cleaning and pest control services by ensuring our jobs are always completed in a safe, efficient and effective manner.

Carpet Cleaning Oxenford

Our team of friendly carpet cleaning specialists will be in and out of your household before you know it.

Our carpet cleaning services in Oxenford include:

  • Upholstery Cleaning Oxenford
  • Leather Cleaning Oxenford
  • Rug Cleaning Oxenford
  • Flood Restoration Oxenford
  • Mattress Cleaning Oxenford
  • Vehicle Upholstery Cleaning Oxenford
  • Carpet & Upholstery Protection Oxenford
  • Allergy Shield Deodorising Oxenford

If you have any extra carpet cleaning services which aren’t listed, please feel free to call us on 0429 110 047 to discuss your job.

Pest Control Oxenford

Xtra Mile Carpet & Pest Management also understands first-hand the problems which pests can cause to your home in Oxenford. Our pest control services in Oxenford are designed to keep your family and household items safe. We value animal wild-life and will always ensure our pest control services in Oxenford are kept to the highest standards by using only the best environmentally-safe practices.

Our pest control services in Oxenford include:

  • Cockroaches Oxenford
  • Spiders Oxenford
  • Silverfish Oxenford
  • Ants Oxenford
  • Rodents Oxenford
  • Fleas Oxenford
  • Carpet Beatles Oxenford
  • Carpet Moths Oxenford
  • Carpet Wasps Oxenford

For all other pests or rodents not listed, please contact us on 0429 110 047 today to discuss your special enquiry.

Contact Us Today 0429 110 047

Don’t wait for your Oxenford home to be infested. Take the initiative and get in touch one of our friendly staff. Call us on 0429 110 047 for a safe, affordable and effective carpet cleaning or pest control job in Oxenford today.

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