If you’re feeling stuffy and trapped indoors at this time of year in the Gold Coast area – with the weather bringing cold and rain -you may be wondering what you can do to make your home look and feel better.

You might be familiar with sitting over a bowl of steam to help decongest your nose, but did you know that steam cleaning your carpets can also help improve airflow in your home?

Steam cleaning your carpets helps your home – and you – to breathe easier

Carpets are notorious homes for dust particles and allergens. You may vacuum regularly, but sometimes a deeper clean is necessary. Especially in winter, when your windows are closed and the circulation in your home may feel as sluggish as you do when you have a cold.

Dust builds up in the fibres of your carpet, and this can clog the airflow in your home. Steam cleaning can remove that deep-seated stuff that your vacuum doesn’t reach with its surface cleaning.

A healthy way to re-invigorate stale air

Even if your carpets look clean, the high heat used in steam cleaning goes further – it can actually kill bacteria and fungus. Steam cleaning uses a hot water extraction method, which leaves no moisture or soapy residue in which fungus can thrive.

Mould may have started to grow on your carpets with the increased humidity in the air at the Gold Coast and shoes bringing wet puddles indoors. High heat can be more powerful than other agent in removing mould, and it is also environmentally safe.

An uplifting beauty treatment

With time, carpets can start to become matted, or simply look old and worn. They can start to feel rough or flat. Steam cleaning improves the texture so that your carpets look like they’ve had a beauty makeover. It certainly leaves your home looking and feeling fresh, clean and healthy.

Professional carpet cleaning companies use special equipment to deep clean with minimal drying times. Mistakes made during DIY attempts carry the risk of damaging your carpets. Speak to one of our experienced technicians about this safe and efficient service.

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