A pest is either a plant or an animal that is detrimental to human lives, and the truth is nobody wants a pest around. These organisms usually cause a huge nuisance and sometimes-epidemic diseases that are associated with high incidence of death. It is no wonder every homeowner wants to get rid of pest in his or her homes as soon as possible, when there is any evidence of an infestation.

Usually pest control is not on any households’ expenditure. Therefore, when such issues arise, households resort to budget pest control.

Go The Xtra Mile is a company that specializes in pest control in Gold Coast, Australia. Our company is found and operates on the principle of going the extra mile to make all our clients happy and satisfied: as our name implies.

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Pest Control

At Go The Xtra Mile, we pride ourselves on the fact that we work in a collaborative effort with our clients to provide an effective pest management system for them.

One of the key points you need to consider in pest control and management, is to identify the pest infestation before they get out of hand. We also offer carpet cleaning in Gold Coast as well for added protection for you and your home.

Here are a few common household pests, how to identify them, the harm they possess to you, your family and your property and how we can help you get rid of them for you.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most common household pests today. These animals are flat, reddish-brown and oval. Bed bugs are nocturnal animals that only feed on the host’s blood. That is the blood of the person sleeping on the infested bed. Their normal habitation includes cracks and crevices in walls, mattress seams, picture frames and sometimes when found in hostels, lodges and hotels they may not have necessarily grown there but rather, they might have been transferred from the luggage or baggage of one resident from another place.

A bed bug infestation is usually marked by red welts on the skin of the person that has been bitten by the bug. Also, the adult bug, which are as large as an apple seed can be seen with the eyes.

Note that a bed bug infestation has got nothing to do with cleanliness. The tidiest hotels and homes can have a bed bug infestation if an occupant transported it from an infested place to another place.

It is important to identify this infestation and eradicate it speedily.


Cockroaches can be considered either a pest or a natural recycler, depending on where they are found. Usually pest cockroaches are carriers of various diseases. They emit a very unpleasant odor and the debris created by the cast- off the cockroaches skin; dead bodies and droppings usually aggravate allergies especially in children and very sensitive adults.

In dealing with roach infestation, it is important to understand that, no Do-It-Yourself (DIY) procedure really works very well. This is especially so considering the fact that roaches are great are hiding and their eggs are naturally protected from most over the counter insecticides.

Without special equipment, materials and the technical know how, your cockroach control process can really be a losing battle.


Due to the sizes of these organisms, ant control can be very difficult.  They can enter the tiniest cracks into places such as kitchens seeking water, sweet and greasy foods. One main reason why ants are difficult to control is that as they move along they leave a trail of pheromones, a chemical that other ants can sense and follow. An ant’s colony can number up to almost 500,000. Usually when people seek to kill ants at a place, they are able to kill only those they see, leave the several thousand unharmed.

There are other pests that can infest a home and bring health problems to a family. These include termites, flies, mice, mosquitoes, fleas, spiders, rats, crickets, ticks, beetles, wasps and weevils.

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