Carpet cleaning may sound like a mundane task. You may question; why learn about a task as simple and ordinary as cleaning up your carpet?!

Here is why; carpet cleaning is not only for visual cleanliness! The term carpet cleaning refers to certain things other than mere beautification, and includes removal of allergens apart from dirt, stains and grit. Cleaning carpets not only provide a cleaner looking space but also provide a healthier living environment and accounts for a longer life span of the carpet itself.

There are several different ways of cleaning carpets. These ways can be broadly divided into two categories; traditional ways and modern ways. Recent studies have produced results that have made carpet cleaners consider the use of cleaning methodologies that are effective yet safe for the environment.

 Hot Water Extraction

This method of carpet cleaning is recommended and popular owing to its advantages. Although it has certain disadvantages too, it is considered a safer method than most. Hot water extraction method allows cleaning of carpets without the use of detergents and chemicals. This means that safe use of carpets after cleaning is possible, without going through the unnecessary concern about children crawling on it etc. There is also no chance of having to consider breathing air polluted by volatile compounds. Although there is concern for carpet care in cases where carpets are not dried completely and humid weather can cause mould, given the proper drying time and resources this method should be a preference.

Vacuum Cleaner

This is the most popular method and perhaps one that needs no explanation. However, it is extremely important to know that buying vacuum cleaners should have sensitivity considerations as the carpet fibres may not withstand high pressures of vacuum cleaning.

Removing Stains

Several things must be kept in mind while using traditional techniques such as the use of lemon juice, grass and tea leaves, oxalic acid, turpentine etc. The longer a stain remains on the carpet, the more it becomes permanent. It is advisable not to wash the stain but use blotting to remove it immediately. Home solutions should be well researched as some natural fibres may not be able to sustain certain methods.

Although home remedies are more eco-friendly, some more permanent food dye stains require involving professional cleaners and artificial products.

Constant maintenance and care are very important in carpet cleaning. Using household equipments such as rattan rug-beaters, carpet rods, brooms and brushes is handy. With the risk of fibre damage by some equipment, it is always safer to employ steam carpet cleaning.