Fleas reproduce quickly, and if you have pets, you probably suspect that scratching is a sign of fleas. But even pet-free households play host to fleas, and you may have noticed some mysterious bites on your ankles.

With warmer weather approaching, flea infestations are common on the Gold Coast. You need to know what to look for so that you can correctly identify the problem and treat it accordingly.

Identifying fleas

Fleas are as small as the tip of a pen. They range in colour from light brown to almost black. They don’t have wings, but they can jump very fast, high and cover great distances. Their flat bodies are covered in a hard shell, making it hard to squash them. Flea eggs look like white powder, and these often get mixed with peppery looking stuff that is actually flea poop!

Signs of fleas on cats, dogs and humans

Fleas bite and feast on blood like tiny vampires. Scratching is the most visible sign that fleas have set up home in your pet’s fur. Your animals may also start showing signs of restlessness and fidgeting, losing sleep or becoming irritable.

In humans, flea bites are found commonly on ankles and legs. Because our bodies have less hair in which these little critters can hide, they tend to gather in areas like the armpits, groin, the folds of your elbows or knees, or around the waist.

You may experience a flea bite as a small, red, itchy bump, often occurring in groups of three or four in a line. Many people develop hives or a rash around the bite site. Constant scratching at the site of a flea bit could also lead to secondary infections in pets and humans. A few unfortunate people may have a more severe allergic reaction and experience difficulty breathing or go into anaphylactic shock.

Flea treatment

Unless you have an allergy that requires medical attention, flea bites will go away without treatment. But if you don’t deal with the infestation, new fleas will keep appearing.

But before you start trying home remedies to get rid of these bugs, call in experts who use safe and effective pest control products. They will thoroughly inspect and treat your home to break the cycle of the infestation.

Fleas are almost impossible to get rid of without a professional pest control solution. Call Xtramile on 0429-110-047 for advice or a quote.

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