Not referring to the common informal use of the word, pest control is a very serious issue and one that needs to be understood in order to take command. Pests can generally be defined as any species that become a source of harm or are detrimental to humans and their environment. Pest control becomes a matter of concern to us specifically in homes and home gardens due to the havoc that these termites can wreak.

In scientific terms, the main aim of any pest control activity is to ensure that the evolution and biological, physical, chemical or any other kind of resistance of the specie that has become a threat, is curtailed. The most common ways of doing this is by eliminating the process of reproduction of the species or completely exterminating the entire population of that specie in an area.

One of the most important considerations in pest control activity is that if the entire population of the pest has not been exterminated, there are high chances of evolutionary activity through reproduction, which leads to the development of resistance. This new population is then worse than its predecessors.

The following are several types of pest control methods that you might want to consider.

Biological Pest Control

This method includes the use of pest killers such as bacterium for infecting then killing the larvae of the insect present in water. The aim is to eliminate the pest without causing harm to the ecology or human population.

Breeding Ground Elimination

Keeping the environment clean, proper waste management, good drainage and the use of certain LED light spectrums are ways in which the food and shelter for most pests can be taken care of. Field burning as done after sugar cane harvests and burning of infected plants are also some of the ways.

Pesticides and Fumigation

Spraying chemicals to kill pests is a common method but is preferable only in cases where human contact is minimal. Fumigation is an expensive process where a gas has to be held in the surroundings of the affected area by enclosing it. However, it is effective as it covers all the stages of the insect life.

Poisoned Baits, Hunting and Traps

These are methods mostly associated with killing rats or controlling stray cat and dog populations. These mostly require a suitable means of luring the animal and using a fool proof method of eradicating it. Specifically in the case of dogs and cats, contacting local pounds is preferred.

In pest control, it is best to first ascertain the true nature of the harm caused and the kind of pest responsible for the same. Only then is it possible to determine the most suitable way of providing proper pest control.