With the cold weather and rain hitting the Gold Coast at this time of year, there is an influx of rats and mice looking to escape the weather too by seeking shelter in homes in the area.

It’s also a good time of year to have your carpets cleaned as they don’t get as much airing in winter as they would in the summer months. Your indoor foot traffic is probably at a peak too, with most families seeking more indoor activities.

Combine carpet cleaning with pest control to reduce health hazards

Remember that any pollutants embedded in your carpetsare going to be shut inside with you during the winter months.Rats and mice can leave a strong odour once they have become established.

You may be able to spot mice or rat poop, but urine and saliva is less easy to detect.Apart from being a source of allergens – rodent droppings, urine and saliva can carry diseases that are transmitted to humans through inhalation of dust. Rodents can also gnaw through electrical cabling, posing a further threat.

You’ll want to have your carpets cleaned at the same time as baiting to control further pests for maximum safety. But the methods you use also need to be evaluated to ensure that they are safe for the environment in your home.

Environmentally safe pest control and carpet cleaning services

Did you know that the physical, biological and chemical methods that you use for cleaning and pest control can also contribute to allergic reactions and possibly harm your children and pets?

To ensure the safety of your family, choose a licensed pest control and cleaning service that knows the best possible products and methods that don’t cause harm. Let an experienced technician evaluate your carpets and home and apply environmentally safe solutions.

Rats and mice might be cute to some people, but they are best appreciated where they belong – outside of your home. Even if you don’t detect an odour or spot any droppings, you might hear noises in your roof or behind the walls.

You are welcome to contact us to talk about it if you are unsure.

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